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Link is the love-interest of Jenna and, in many ways, her sidekick/foil. This is quite the far cry from his status in the canon of the video games as being the main character and hero.



Early 20's


Hylian (or "Elven" according to the story)


"Hero Of Time", Head Guard/Knight, Protector of The Triforce


Married to Jenna Silverblade


Apart from being Jenna's trophy husband and biggest fan, he doesn't have much of one. He is an appointed guardian of the Triforce and is celebrated in Hyrule for being "The Hero of Time", all of which, upon closer inspection, is just a way to make Jenna look more prestigious by way of having glorified arm candy.

Characterization: Canon vs. Fanfic[]

The only resemblance canon Link has to the character in My Inner Life with the same name is the lack of a strong, established personality. Whereas the video game leaves this vague so the player can easily step into Link's POV, Link's Queen is just lazy and/or very bad at giving characters any depth, as not even Jenna can claim to have the latter. Fanfic Link also talks, whereas canon Link never does, and given some of the things that come out of Fanfic Link's mouth, this is probably for the best.

For the most part, fanfic Link is helpless, slightly incompetent, and extremely bland, whereas canon Link is a blank slate onto which the player can project.


  • " "I don't sense anything of that stature."
  • "Nice to meet you Mistress Jenna." "You are as beautiful as a winter rose."
  • "I'll have to agree with my wife Dalamar, the horses haven't had any rest since we left Hyrule."